The Real Choice Campaign *
Letting Americans know they DO HAVE A REAL CHOICE in how their country is run.
Presidential Campaign Announcement

     My name is Donald Ralph Page and I am campaigning for the office of President Of The United States. I am a natural citizen, having been born in Huntington Pennsylvania from two United States citizens. I was born Donald Ralph Bollinger. I did not find out I was not a Page until a fourth-grade teacher refused to call me Donald Page and told me I was someone else. My mother admitted she had been married before and Page was my step-father's name. She was able to convince the "powers that be" to call me Donald Page but I was never actually adopted. I completed school as Donald Page and at 24, legally changed my last name to Page. I am sixty-two years old and currently surviving on Social Security Disability benefits. I have been married (to Dorothy) for over thirty years and I have no children. I am a high school graduate with some college. I will expand on this biography in a later post.

     I am starting this campaign because none of the existing candidates are considering the needs of large segment of the population. Major candidates are primarily focused on the voting population. A large segment of the country's people are legal voters that do not vote - many are not even registered for various reasons. There are several reasons for this non-participation in choosing how the country is managed. One of the most pervasive reasons is a feeling of dis-enfranchisement. These people realize their needs and opinions are not represented by any major candidate or party. From the points-of-view of these citizens there is no significant difference between parties or candidates. The issues discussed by the candidates and their teams have little or no relevance to the real life they live daily. Voting is a waste of time and effort because there are no real choices. I want to provide a real choice. I do not expect to win the election but I really want to demonstrate to the major parties that there is a large segment of voters they are ignoring. If any party looks at my candidacy seriously, it will immediately dismiss me as a crackpot. I have some controversial ideas about taxation, election reform, healthcare, gun rights, abortion and marriage. I expect many will disagree with me on some things and see a bit of validity in other of my ideas . My most important offering is a real chance for the dis-enfranchised voters to make their voices heard. I am calling this campaign The Real Choice Campaign. Every vote for me is a vote against all the other candidates and a message to the country that we will no longer be ignored.

Campaign Finances

     On the subject of campaign finances, my wife's first comment when I told her I was doing this was "how will you pay for it?". I will run a no-cost personal campaign based almost totally on internet posts, emails and blog comments. I will not have a national campaign management team and I will not accept any donations personally. If someone wants to start and manage a campaign fund that is out of my control. I do not want any access to any campaign funds that may accrue. In the unlikely event that someone wants to contribute I have some rules that I want any campaign fund manager to follow. 1: No donations from any company, political organization, foreign government, religious group or any other non-individual. All contributions must be from citizen individuals and must not be anonymous. 2: No single contribution can exceed $5.00. 3: Under no circumstances will I have personal access to any campaign funds. In addition to these funding rules, I demand the right of refusal for any campaign advertisement that mentions my name and is paid for by donations to my campaign.
     I will not be traveling on a campaign trail. I will do 99% of my campaigning from this desk. I hate travel and I'm not really able to travel much. I can not afford a single plane ticket or car rental and my current personal vehicle has over 200,000 miles. In the modern world there is no real reason to travel. Communication is quick and easy worldwide. Travel is an extravagant luxury and I have never expected luxury in my life. I will answer questions and post opinions regularly.

Respond via email at: The Real Choice Campaign I will be expanding on my opinions about issues in the coming weeks.
Thanks for reading!

Donald Ralph Page